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Thursday, March 8
All over the world, Sparknews

Women make up 45% of the world’s social entrepreneurs #SocEnt and here are 22 inspiring #StoryofChange to discover on #InternationalWomensDay. You have the power to give to your favorite project a ticket for the Paris Womens Forum in November!

The project photo with the most "shares" will join in this leading platform dedicated to highlighting women’s voices and perspectives on global issues. Complete rules for the contest are available here.

*This competition is neither organized, not sponsored, by Facebook.

Official rools:

1. Organization
Sparknews inc. headquartered at 37 rue Lafayette, 75009 Paris, registered business n° 533807087 (Registre du Commerce) is organizing a free competition with no purchase necessary from Thursday 02 March 00.00am GMT to Thursday 29 March 12.00pm GMT, as part of an online communication campaign aimed at promoting the Women in Businesses For Good (WBFG) program.

2. Eligibility
All residents of France or abroad who are over the age of eighteen are eligible to play, with the exception of:
- Employees of SparkNews and any associated company, and their immediate family members, who may themselves be clients
- Employees of any company affiliated with SparkNews within the framework of a contract of commission-affiliation
- More broadly, all persons with any involvement in the organization, realization, implementation, promotion and animation of the competition as well as their family members, who may themselves be clients.
SparkNews asks that all participants represent and warrant that they meet the eligibility requirements. All who fail to comply with the requirements or to provide proof will be disqualified from the game and forfeit the right to receive a prize in the event of their success.
Every participant must affirmatively review, accept, and unconditionally agree to all of the Official Rules.

3. How to enter
To participate in the competition, the participant must :
Connect to their personal Facebook account
Connect to the webpage Facebook which can be accessed at the following URL throughout the duration of the game: https://www.facebook.com/Sparknews/
Be one of the 22 laureate projects relating to WBFG or the WBFG publication.

4. Winning criteria
The winning project with be the one whose photograph has been most shared from the album posted on the Sparknews account.
To win, the number of shares must be greater than 50
Shares of the same photograph posted from a different account will not be counted
Warranties and responsibility for the validity of responses

SparkNews reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or modify the competition should it not run as planned, due to any virus, bug, violation, non-authorized human intervention, fraud, action of a participant or other cause unrelated to SparkNews.
By voting, participants accept to defend, declare and hold SparkNews and its agents harmless against any dispute, proceeding, and/or responsibility for wrongdoing, loss, or damage resulting from participation in the competition.
In general, the participants of this competition guarantee the organizers against any suit, proceeding, dispute with which any third party might engage for whatever reason in the course of the use of rights granted and more generally in the name of all warranties and commitments made.

The participant may not make use of any paid sponsoring service for the publication.
A participant who makes false claims will be removed from the competition at no responsibility to SparkNews.
SparkNews reserves the unconditional right to later moderate and refuse to validate, even exclude and reject from the competition any participant or share which does not comply with any of the conditions of the Official Rules.
Voting methods and ranking

- In order to compete it is sufficient to connect to the Facebook page accessible at the following address throughout the duration of the competition: https://www.facebook.com/Sparknews/
- Up until the final deadline for votes (cf. heading 3), the voter can cancel/modify their vote by deleting their share.
- Participants may invite their Facebook friends to the ‘SparkNews’ page in order to vote for their photo.
- The jury is made up of the Administrators of the Sparknews Facebook page.
- For the final ranking, the Winner will be the participant who as the highest count of shares for their photograph from the Facebook album. In order to win, this number must also be over 50.
- If the vote is tie, a random draw will be made among those with the highest number with a maximum of one winner.

5. Subsidies
Commercial value of the subsidies:
The prizes are donated by AXA and in that regard are said “subsidies”.
The prize is constituted of
An invitation to the Women’s Forum 2019 in Paris comprising of:
A return plane ticket
3-night accommodation in Paris
an invitation to come and present the project at the AXA stall
The prize is valid for one person only.
The dates of the trip are those of the Women’s Forum 2019.
The prize is not modifiable by the participant.
No substitution of prize or request for the cash or check equivalent by the winner is possible.
No transfer/assignment of the prize to any other than the winning project leader is possible.
The nature of the prizes offered cannot be disputed in any way and no equivalent may be requested.
Sparknews inc. reserves the right to change the subsidies without notice.

6. Prize allotment
In accordance with the conditions related to the electronic and countable nature of the votes no dispute of their validity will be accepted.
There is one prize per winner. The winner will be notified privately, via email, telephone or letter.
The winner may be asked to provide the following personal details: surname, first name, date of birth, address, town, post code, country, telephone number and email address by email to: cloiseau@sparknews.com
In the case that the information provided is incomplete and prevents the winner from being notified of their success, they will lose their position as winner and will forfeit the right to any further claims.
The organizer cannot be held responsible in the case of any technical failure during the online notification of a prize. Without communication of these facts from the winner within 8 days, they will forfeit their position as winner.
The official and personalized notifications of the subsidies to the winner with a description and the means of retrieving the prize will be sent by email to the address that they have provided.
The winner will then be invited to directly contact the Professional in order to arrange and confirm the date they shall be using the prize, as per the conditions provided.

7- Winner nomination and publication of results
The list of winners will officially be released by the 04/04/2018 at the latest by letter, email or telephone call directly to the winner.

8 – Nominative Personal information
By the sole act of entering the competition participants authorize the organizers to freely use their personal details given on Facebook, through any medium, to ends related to promotion or advertising.
They also authorize the organizers to contact them through their Facebook page through the SparkNews page.
By accepting their prize the winner authorizes in advance that the organizers may make use of their written or spoken statements relating to this prize in whichever form, and with whichever audience, for commercial, publicity, or press purposes, as well as for public relations, editorial accounts or advertising, publications of any type and for all internal or external activity, and may make use of them via any medium, be this through their reproduction, duplication, transmission, reception, coding, or digitalization.
The personal details collected relating to the participant are mandatory and necessary in order to coordinate participation in the competition. They are meant for the organizers, or their subcontractors and/or providers for management purposes.
In conformity with the current legislation, the collected data are meant exclusively for the organizers and will not be sold or given to any third party, in any form.
The organizer cannot be held responsible for the use of nominative personal information which will be at the disposal of Facebook as the platform for this competition.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, all participants will have the right to access, require rectification or delete their information and a right to oppose which can be exercized by writing to SparkNews.
The information provided by the participants is destined for use by Sparknews, as it provides access to their service in compliance with the general conditions of sale and in the context of management the said competition.

9. Rights and Responsibilities
The user is solely responsible for his contributions and SparkNews cannot be held responsible for contributions which do not comply with those defined under heading 4, or which could become the object of complaints by a third party.
In the event that people appear on the photographs, participants are personally liable to ensuring that the selected photographs do not infringe the rights of the third party (in particular the rights of the people photographed and on their property rights – and image rights of the goods) and that they have obtained from said parties all necessary authorization for the various uses as set out in this document.
In the event of dispute of any kind, participants shall be held solely responsible.
The organizers withhold the right to modify the competition announcement before the prizes are distributed, if they judge this necessary or useful.
The organizers :
• reserve the right to modify, extend, shorten or restrict the prizes of this game or cancel in the case of force majeure as defined by the jurisprudence. Accordingly, they will not be held responsible for this action
• state that, given the free collection of diffused data online and the difficulty, even impossibility, to control the potential use of said data by third parties, they cannot be held responsible for any malicious or fraudulent use of said data
• cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent use of log in privileges or the attribution of prizes to a participant
• accept no responsibility in the case of disruption of the internet connection, phone network, or any receivers preventing the regular course of the competition. Moreover, they cannot be held responsible in the case of any issues relating to disrupted delivery of email or post
• accept no responsibility in cases of technical failure, material or software failures of any nature (virus, bug…) caused by the participant’s operating system, their IT equipment and the data stored on this, or the possible consequences of this on their personal professional or commercial activity
• accept no responsibility for the possible retrieval or damage of the work
• accept no responsibility for access to the game hosted on the Facebook® servers
• could at any moment, in particular for technical reasons or maintenance updates, interrupt access to the webpage and the competition on it. The organizers are in no way responsible for these interruptions or their consequences. No compensation may be claimed for such grievances.

10. Disqualification criteria
Participation in this competition implies full and complete compliance with the rules listed in this document, unless an exception or prior agreement from the participant has been made. Failure to comply with said document will result in disqualification from the competition and the simple termination of both participation and the possibility of winning.

11. Repository of Official Rules
This document can be accessed from the Facebook® page of the competition.

12. Legal authorities
The present document is subject to French law.
Involved parties shall make all attempts to resolve any misunderstandings arising from the interpretation or execution of the present document. In the case that this is not possible, they will be put before the relevant courts.
The participant confirms having reviewed this document and having unreservedly accepted and agreed to abide by all of the Official Rules.